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1,000km south of Tokyo. We will suppot your attractive activity in Chichijima.



Guide you to subtropical paradise in Japan.



Chichijima is the entrance to the Ogasawara Islands, located 1000KM south from Tokyo. It takes 24hours on the ferry 'Ogasawara-maru', which runs once a week. Visitors are greeted by the tropical sun and warm-hearted locals.

The sea of Ogasawara offers activities such as whale watching and swimming with dolphins. The forest are abundant with animals and plants that only exist here.

My tour will introduce Chichijima by taking you to popular sightseeing spots of the island. If you have any request, feel free to ask and I would be glad to show you around. I also give you tips on how to enjoy your stay on the island, and some info on local delicacies.

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