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1,000km south of Tokyo. We will suppot your attractive activity in Chichijima.


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This tour will take visitors around the island by a car while stopping by at several points to introduce the rare flora, animals, and also historic war sites on the island. I will drive around the island by car and guide you to valuable flora and animals and historic war sites.
AM 8:30~11:30(3hours)  PM 13:00~16:00(3hours)
We will pick you up at the front of your hotel.

Ogasawara Marine Center

A sea turtle protection facilities. You can see a lot of Green turtle babies

Weather Station Observation Platform

A spectacular sunset view point on a hill facing the west.


There are many historic war sites around the mountain.

Sadayori Shrine

A shrine that stands quietly in the mountain. A festival is held on Jul 26th every year.

Ogasawara Fisheries Center

There is a small aquarium. You can try brushing the teeth of grouper fish.

Cannon on coffee mountain.

A complete remain of a war cannon that looks as if it could be used.

and MORE...

Chichijima has many beautiful spots. I take you there if you want to visit.

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ST tour

Chichijima, Ogasawara Village, Tokyo



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